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About Schneller

Schneller is the global leader in providing comprehensive end-to-end solutions and worldwide on-demand customer service for hard-surface laminates, thermoplastic sheets and non-textile floor coverings for the transportation interiors.

We believe that design goes beyond aesthetics. It plays a pivotal role in everything we do and touches all aspects of our products, services and operations. Our meticulous attention to achieving and surpassing safety, durability and compliance standards are the factors that underlie our inspiring collections and designs.

Our organization has been designed to ensure that we deliver outstanding results to our customers each and every time. We stay close to every customer that we work with to ensure that we are able to understand and meet their unique needs. By sharing ideas and best practices, we stay at the forefront of the industry and develop new products that excite our customers and help them provide compelling environments for their passengers.

Relive the AIX Experience

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Introducing Our Design Collection


Schneller presents our design collection – Duality. Duality is a diverse concept, often referring to the feelings evoked by aesthetic contrasts or complements. This concept can be found in the reflection, movement or perspective created by the duplication of an object, or even within the object itself. Schneller’s collection represents our interpretations of this concept capturing the complexities and duplicities afforded by the merging of colors, textures, forms, lighting and techniques.

Through the development process, our design team explored handmade patterns using various duplication methods including Xerox transfer, Shibori dying and hydrographic techniques.  The collection is carefully curated with a color palette to unify the idea of duality.  Muted earth-tone, rich aged-gold and warm neutrals signifies a timeless mood in contrast with ephemeral palette of energized cobalt and bold yellow.   The colors and patterns have been combined in complementary and contrasting motifs, while experimenting with the juxtaposition of technical organics with soft curvilinear elements.

We hope you enjoy our collection, Duality.  That the creations speak to you and provide you with inspiration for you next cabin interior.

DUALITY Design Team

Roma – Ohio  |  USA

I found my inspiration within nature. I delved into an abstract world of duality, articulating landscape with undulating colors, lines and pattern. Lines and light are dual core elements of my designs, which infuse the precision of linearity and the fluidity that arises from light. Combined these elements create a larger aesthetic experience. One where the vertical lines convey spirituality and light creates an excitement encouraging involvement and imagination.

The approaches found within in my visual art encompass many movements. There occurs a shift from the emphasis of pragmatic use of lines creating space, rhythm, and accent. The lines when arranged together with lights embody the structure and evoke emotions.

Vertical lines in conjunction with vivid yet arbitrary colors merge visual sensibilities to ethereal sentiment.

In this arrangement, colors create illusions of touch and sensual softness connecting to emotional state of viewer.

Nikki – Ohio  |  USA

In my exploration of our theme ‘Duality’ I drew inspiration from nature and earth’s surface, visual expression of sound, and a recollection of memories.

The contour lines of ‘Twilight Terrain’ detail the shape of the earth’s surface.  While the emboss layer creates the planes that reflect the elevation of the terrain. Further enhancing the movement of the pattern created by the juxtapose shapes. 

In my creation, ‘Burnished Brushed’ the etched line work mimics life’s imperfections and that of manmade materials. Retreating to another time or place, that sets the tone of visual recollection of memories.  The rose gold effect elevates this piece creating a more sophisticated work of art.

The expressive lines of ‘Vibrant Wave’ create dynamic movement that evokes the sounds of ocean waves. The pearlescent effect enhances the depth and movement as you change your perspective.

The 3D formed triangles moving throughout the pieces are meant to enhance the dynamic movement and give our customers a visual of our flat materials taking form.

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